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by | Apr 13, 2017 | Business Telecom Services

Save your business time and money by getting all your business communications from one company

Communications is an integral part of any businesses success. Without the ability to communicate, how would you interact with customers and drive sales? How would employees keep in touch with each other? Regardless of the size of your organisation, you cannot afford to compromise when it comes to this part of your business. Getting your communications right, is key to your success.

MF Telecoms Services provide a complete suite of business telecom solutions – all your communications needs under one roof. Not only will using one supplier save your business time and money, you can be assured of a high level of customer service coupled with industry experience that goes back more than 15 years.

We provide business phones and telephone lines, along with installation of telephone systems and a range of hosted solutions. If you are a start-up, we can set you up with a telephone system, either traditional PBX or hosted telephony. MF Telecoms Services can provide you with a low cost call contract, broadband and a system servicing and maintenance plan.

Business communications solutions provided by MF Telecoms Services

Business Lines and numbers

MF Telecoms Services can provide low cost line rental, giving you a minimum saving of 30% against standard BT rates. In addition, we can provide alternatives to analogue, ISDN2 and ISDN30 lines as these are being phased out for businesses like yours by 2025.  Also available are leased lines, voicemail, auto attendant, Non-Geographic Numbers (NGNs) and SIP Trunks.

Broadband and Data

MF Telecoms services can provide bespoke business broadband and data plans. We will give you free routers on all fibre connections, a choice of bandwidths with the option to increase as required, bespoke usage plans and integrated billing with your fixed line service.

Hosted Solutions

With a hosted VoIP solution, you get the benefits of traditional telephony without the cost of investing in a telephone system. Call services include voice messaging, auto attendant, conferencing, intelligent call routing, voicemail to email and integration with Internet Explorer and Outlook.

MF Telecoms Services understands that every business is different. We offer a range of VoIP services and IP telephony solutions to meet all needs. A hosted VoIP platform is a flexible alternative ideal for businesses moving away from traditional office-based working practices and those wishing to avoid the expensive start-up costs of a small business phone system.

Business Mobile Solutions

For a complete range of business mobile solutions on the O2 and Vodafone network, we specialise in offering our customers the best deals available for SIM only deals, business mobile phones, tablets, integrated billing with your fixed line service, cheaper calls and bespoke call plans. Moving your business telecommunications services to us is simple. You can:

  • Keep your existing numbers and your business telephone line stays on the open reach network, but you will benefit from our lower tariffs and direct, personal service managed by MF Telecoms Services
  • Transfer your business mobile contract and your business can benefit from cheaper business mobile tariffs

Business Phone Systems and Supply

If you are looking to expand or upgrade your current PBX system, or if you would like a completely new business telephone system, our team of specialist advisers can help you decide on the best solution. At MF Telecoms Services, we have a team of specialist engineers who will be able to manage the transfer of your existing lines without any unnecessary downtime or interruption to your business. We aim to make the transfer as seamless as possible.

MF Telecoms Services is a specialist telecoms provider, with a vast amount of experience in communications. Our goal is to get to know our customers and understand their business needs and as such, all our customers have their own dedicated project manager. We do not use call centres. When you need us, you call us direct and the project manager is there to help and guide.

With bespoke services to give the best solutions for your business, MF Telecoms Services can help you along every step of your company’s growth and development.

Having all your business telecommunications services managed by one supplier will save you money and makes things easier and more convenient to manage. You will receive one, clear and concise bill for all your business phone lines, business mobile, business broadband and data line services.

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