FTTP Business Broadband

Do you want a superfast internet connection?  Then choose a fibre connection direct to your premises with FTTP Business Broadband.

Upgrade your business internet connection to FTTP and enjoy speeds of anywhere between 50-1000Mbps. This is up to 10 times faster than that of FTTC or SOGEA and much faster than traditional ADSL broadband.  Check out our free video below: FTTP Business Broadband Explained.

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    We have produced a free guide 

    What is FTTP Broadband?

    FTTP vs FTTC and ADSL: The Benefits of FTTP fibre broadband for business over traditional ADSL and FTTC.

    • ADSL offers slower speeds due to the limitations of copper. The distance between the exchange and the cab, and also between the cab and the premises, can cause huge variations in speed.
    • FTTC is faster than ADSL due to fibre connections between the exchange and the cab. The speed variations depend upon the distance between the cab and the premises.
    • An FTTP broadband connection consists of a fibre cable being brought directly into the premises, mitigating the need for copper wiring – often the cause of slow speeds and consistency.

    Businesses can access FTTP fibre broadband where available.

    Please contact us to check if it is available in your area and what speeds you can receive.  You can also read our guide “What is FTTP Broadband” here.

    Selecting the right broadband supplier

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    The secret to fast and reliable connections

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    Why Choose Us as your FTTP Business Broadband Supplier

    fast FTTP business broadband

    A wide range of speed options to suit the needs of your business.  Say goodbye to buffering.

    FTTP Fibre Broadband

    We offer the fastest speeds available: downloading large files and transferring documents will be easier and faster.

    business broadband support engineers

    All our broadband packages come with dedicated support from real engineers

    best business broadband FTTP

    We have 5-star reviews on Google, take a look to see what our customers say.

    Approved FTTP business broadband

    PRINCE2 and AgilePM trained project managers and account managers that will help you all the way from order to installation

    FTTP business broadband switch

    Easily switch to our FTTP business broadband – contact us today.

    Feed up with slow speeds and buffering?

    It’s time to review the type of business broadband you are using.

    Here are some important questions you need to consider:

    1. How long to get up and running?
    Installation times can vary from a day to a month. Each business location will have its own timings depending on what infrastructure is already in place on your local network.

    2. What are the FTTP broadband speeds like for my postcode?
    Outside of major towns and cities, the service that providers are able to offer can vary depending on whether fibre has been widely installed in your area. We can check for you and give you all the options, just contact us with your postcode.

    3. Is a router provided?
    Yes. Some broadband providers like to save money by using your old existing router. We do not recommend this as it is your first line of defence against cyber fraud. We only supply the best Draytek routers available.

    4. What will installation cost be for FTTP?
    Each case is different but we will explain the options in monthly costs and the setup fees, but ensure you get the best price for your business.

    5. How fast are your download and upload speeds?
    We don’t offer a one size fits all package. We work with our clients to ensure they have the correct option that is best for them. We will ask, what do you need the connectivity speed for? Is it running an ecommerce website, or using software applications via the cloud? How many staff do you have? All these things make a difference to what you will need. But rest assured that we can offer the fastest internet speeds available in your area.

    FTTP broadband

    What would it mean to have FTTP in your building?

    A fully fibre optic cable to your building (fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP)) means you can avoid the hassle that comes with a slower, copper connection. As businesses now rely on a superfast broadband connection, FTTP is the right choice. Your business can now enjoy full fibre broadband direct to your premises.

    Call us today to discuss the best option for you. At MFTS, we offer a range of speeds available to suit your budget, meaning you’ll be able work faster and better when you upgrade to FTTP broadband.

    Changing your broadband provider is simple and straightforward:

    We make switching and installation is easy.

    MFTS will guide you through the options of speed and cost.

    Choose an installation date to suit you. We’ll also carry out a site survey if required.

    On the selected date, our engineers will carry out the installation and fully test the new service.

    We will provide the latest and most secure router available to keep you safe online.

    FTTP Broadband Case Study:

    We installed an FTTP circuit to a remote site that needed a consistent, fast and reliable broadband connection for a new system they were installing. Their old ADSL connection was slow, inconsistent and, due to the distance from the local cabinet, often affected by bad weather.

    With FTTP business broadband, our clients had the option to choose the speed that matched their needs. With this, came the reassurance that the fibre connection would not only be super-fast but also consistent and reliable.

    Other Broadband solutions are available, such as Leased Lines and 4G/5G mobile data, but these are usually cost more to install and run. FTTP is the ideal in-between for SMB’s who want a fast, reliable and future-proofed connection.  This way you can say goodbye to slow speeds, buffering and it taking a long time to download files.


    To find out more, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss a solution for you.

    To discuss business broadband solutions for your company or to request a FTTP quote, please

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