Data Back-Up Solutions

Do you back up and protect your data?

Without a Data Back-Up solution, what would happen if you lost access to your client database or contacts?

It is vitally important that businesses ensure they backup their data to protect it in case of any emergency. Surprisingly, only half of small and medium-sized businesses can confidently say that they properly backup their data. Often, this is due to a lack of in-house technical expertise or equipment to make safe and secure backups.

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    Protecting your data from everyday calamities

    A disaster in the making?

    At MFTS, we know full well that lack of data protection and backups is a disaster waiting to happen. Problems caused by hardware failure or virus and malware breaches can happen to any company. Whether large or small, it does not discriminate. Therefore, if you don’t have anything in place, it’s time you looked into doing something.  It is far cheaper to put a solution in place to protect your data than trying to recover it afterwards.

    Cloud-based Data Back-Up solutions

    MFTS offers a fully cloud-based data backup solution. This comes via the N-Able Suite of Back-Up Products. There are a number of back up products available. These include Server Backup – either on site or virtual Workstation (PC or Laptop). In addition, Microsoft 365 – SaaS BackUp – Cloud BackUp for your Microsoft Cloud Products, Office 365, One Drive and SharePoint.

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    Why is it so important to back up your company data?

    Backing up your data is essential. With remote backup, you can protect your data easily and quickly.

    Remote data backup is both easy and reliable. For instance, you can automate it to occur daily and at a time you set. Fortunately, it’s all done in the cloud. This means, you can recover any file easily and quickly. In addition, it’s easy and quick to set up. We can help you set the schedule and automation all in just a few clicks.

    Giving you peace of mind

    Once automated, you can rest assured that your backup is operational and effective. Manually carrying out this task takes time. It also relies on someone remembering to do it. In addition, with your backups in the cloud, you don’t need a physical hard drive to store your backed up data.

    Highest level of security

    One of the greatest concerns we have about our data is security. However, remote backups store your data in a secure location. It also uses encryption tools at both the hardware and software levels.

    No need for equipment expenses

    Manually backing up requires equipment, including physical storage solutions. Having lots of computers, each storing large amounts of data can be costly. Remotely backing up can save you money

    Data, including personnel files, financial records and every day files are valuable business assets. That’s why, if a system goes down for any reason, be it for a natural disaster, a system failure or due to a security issue, it can cause massive issues. Business can effectively cease and not only that, it leaves you and your employees vulnerable.

    You want to avoid this at all costs, right?

    That’s why you need a data backup solution. Backup can occur in a number of ways. Using a local server, drive or USBs, or via the cloud. Not all backup systems are equal though.

    Our managed backup solutions provide you with a means to secure your data and not only that, restore it should it be required.

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    What are the risks of data loss:

    The risks of data loss include potential ransomware attacks and data corruption risks. If you have any IT failures or outages, extreme weather, fire or device theft, these could all lead to data loss or lack of access. They are events to guard against at all costs.

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    Data Back Up solutions

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