Leased Lines

Leased Lines for business where broadband connectivity is critical

There may be cheaper and relatively reliable internet options available. However, the most resilient, best quality and highest speeds come with private Leased Lines.  For a Leased line cost – contact us today!

These dedicated private connections offer the best solution for business. In particular, where broadband is essential, connectivity is critical and high capacity demands bandwidth and the utmost reliability.

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    What are Leased Lines?

    This service connects two ports via dedicated fibre optic cables. So you can have high speed broadband without a telephone number. Overall, they provide a simple, reliable and a secure solution for internet VPN or private networks. They are also helpful for connecting two geographically separate offices. In addition, they can be used as a direct connection to the internet. Ultimately, Leased Lines will act as a dedicated connection with no shared bandwidth.

    Unlike other broadband connections, Leased Lines are private. This means your business will not be sharing bandwidth with nearby offices. Furthermore, the speeds available can be extremely fast and reliable.

    Our broadband experts will explain the benefits of this type of connectivity for your business. In addition, we will review the alternative broadband solutions available for your business. We will also help you choose the most cost-effective route for your broadband requirements.

    Selecting the right broadband supplier

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    The secret to fast and reliable connections

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    Why Choose Us for Business Leased Lines

    Leased Lines Data Options

    All our leased line broadband packages come with dedicated support and the latest Draytek firewalls.

    Fast Leased Lines Broadband

    We offer the fastest speeds available: downloading large files and transferring documents will be easier and faster.  No more buffering!

    High Speed Leased Lines

    A wide range of high speed options to suit your business needs.

    Best Leased Lines Options

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    Leased Lines Providers

    AgilePM project managers that will guide you all the way from order to installation, with a dedicated account managers for ongoing support.

    Superfast Leased Lines

    Switch to the best super-fast business broadband deals – contact us today.

    Fed up with a slow or inconsistent internet connection?

    It’s time to review the type of business broadband you are using and consider getting a leased line cost – ask here!

    Here are some important questions you need to consider:

    1. What will a leased line installation cost?
    Each case is different but we will explain the options in monthly costs and the setup fees, but ensure you get the best price for your business.

    2. What are the speeds like for my postcode?
    Outside of major towns and cities, the service that providers are able to offer can vary depending on whether fibre has been widely installed in your area. We can check for you and give you all the options, just contact us with your postcode.

    3. Is a router provided?
    Yes. Some broadband providers like to save money by using your old existing router. We do not recommend this as it is your first line of defence against cyber fraud. We only supply the best Draytek firewalls available.

    4. How fast are your leased line download and upload speeds?
    We don’t offer a one size fits all package. We work with our clients to ensure they have the correct option that is best for them. We will ask, what do you need the connectivity speed for? Is it running an ecommerce website, or using software applications via the cloud? How many staff do you have? All these things make a difference to what you will need. But rest assured that we can offer the fastest internet speeds available in your area.

    5. How long to get up and running?
    Installation times can vary from a day to a month. Each business location will have its own timings depending on what infrastructure is already in place on your local network.

    Leased Line

    Does your business need a guaranteed broadband speed at all times?

    At MFTS, we offer the best superfast leased lines that are secure, reliable and dedicated to your business. In other words, you won’t need to share bandwidth or compromise on performance.

    For a dedicated, full fibre connection straight to your building, contact us today.

    Switching and installation made easy:

    Changing your broadband provider is simple and straightforward.

    We will guide you through the various speed and cost options.

    Together, we choose the preferred installation date and will carry out a site survey if required.

    We will provide the latest and most secure router available to keep you safe online.

    On the selected date, our engineers will carry out the installation and fully test the new service.

    The benefits of Leased Lines and choosing MF Telecom Services

    • High speed and bandwidth with lower latency for businesses where connectivity is critical
    • Speeds available from 2Mbps up to 10Gbps
    • Cost savings from integrating communications onto one platform and using technologies such as VoIP
    • A dedicated line ensures other traffic doesn’t impact on your bandwidth or speed
    • Allows constant high capacity internet access or a managed IP VPN
    • Gives business control over network traffic and performance planning
    • Benefit from cheaper business calls using VoIP service telephony
    • Scalable – capacity to increase bandwidth as your business grows
    • Uncontended products
    • Fixed SLAs
    • Robust security features and options
    • Support in creating a Disaster Recovery Plan
    • Integrated billing – one consolidated bill with our Lines and Calls package
    • All packages offer unlimited download usage
    • A completely managed service takes the pressure off your IT resources

    To discuss a leased line cost for your company or to request a quote, please