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The most efficient and up-to-date contact centre solutions should allow you to respond to customers in real-time via various channels – phone, your website, social media, live chat. To create seamless, cross-channel support, you need the right solution, one that brings together the ‘real people’ behind the calls and the automated services that they make use of in order to give both customers and agents a seamless experience. Choose Horizon Contact

What does a Horizon Contact Centre offer my business?

Horizon Contact Centre is simple and intuitive. On one platform, it enables voice calls, web chat, email and SMS and is competitively priced. You can record and review calls as well as monitor performance in real-time or after the event. With its inbuilt CRM, it enables you to store client interaction. In addition, you can set up surveys to measure and monitor customer satisfaction.

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    Do I really need a Contact Centre solution?

    If you answer yes to any of these questions, your business could benefit from Horizon Contact.

    Do I need to do any of these?

    Report on staff performance, talk-time and lost calls using real-time data

    Allow availability to clients via phone, Webchat, Social Media & other channels

    Ensure we never miss calls from customers

    Strike a balance between managing and reporting productivity while still empowering teams

    Enable team-wide centralised access to all customer interactions

    Make sure calls are recorded in line with regulatory requirements

    Be able to handle a sudden increase in call volumes and prioritise VIP clients

    What are the benefits of using a Contact Centre?

    Team Contact Centre Solutions

    Team empowerment

    Coach your team with Listen, Whisper In and Call Barge to help motivate and inspire.

    email Contact Centre Solutions

    Email queue times

    For efficient call handling, Horizon Contact takes an email from the mailbox and adds it to the queue.

    remote working Contact Centre Solutions

    Remote working

    With Horizon Contact, staff can work from anywhere.

    omnichannel Contact Centre Solutions


    Your customers can reach you via numerous means, including telephone, email and web chat.

    call back Contact Centre Solutions

    Automated Call Back

    Customers can choose not to wait in a queue and instead receive a call back at a time that is convenient to them.

    CRM Contact Centre Solutions

    CRM Integration

    Possible with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and Zendesk, plus others.

    Contact Centre Solutions Live Reporting

    Live Reporting

    Wallboards show the number of customers queuing, as well as how quickly they’re answered and handled.

    Contact Centre Call Recording Solutions

    Call Recording

    To ensure compliance with MiFID II, you can pause and resume call recording as required.

    When you provide flexibility in the way people can contact you, they become happier, more satisfied customers.

    Communications should be about convenience and ease. You’re more likely to improve the level of client experience when your employees can work more efficiently and are less stressed.

    The fact all calls are recorded means if you should need to access information, it can be easily retrieved.

    The upshot of a more effective system is a saving of money and time.

    Why choose us for your Contact Centre solution:

    MFTS is a leading business communications and managed IT services company. We offer:

    Nationwide installation and support

    We partner with leading tech companies, such as Gamma, Draytek, Microsoft, N-Able and many more.

    Our staff hold professional qualifications like CompTia+, AgilePM and DCNA

    Some of our tech partners:

    Microsoft Certified
    Microsoft Certified
    Microsoft Certified
    Microsoft Certified
    Microsoft Certified

    Our professional accreditations:

    Microsoft Certified
    Microsoft Certified
    AgilePM certified
    Authorised Draytek Partner
    CompTia+ certified


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    Does your business really need a contact centre?

    Horizon Contact

    Frequently asked questions

    What is a Contact Centre?
    A contact centre manages all customer interactions within a business. Cloud-based, it is an engagement platform that enables communications with customers via a team that can be based either in an office or at home.

    Is it expensive to install?
    No. You only need to invest a small amount to get up and running with the Horizon Contact Centre platform. That means, whatever the size of your business, you can look to improve your customer engagement, productivity and public image with this cloud-based contact centre solution.

    What is the difference between a Call Centre solution and a Contact Centre?
    A call centre is a place that customers phone in order to acquire information or services from an organisation. A contact centre, on the other hand, can be reached by a customer via more channels. With contact centres, you can offer various channels with which a customer can communicate with you. Contact centre solutions offer call-recording, social media monitoring, speech analytics and chatbots.

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