Save time and money on your business telephone calls and lines

There are several new technologies and opportunities to contact businesses, such as email and online. However, voice calls remain an important way for customers to keep in touch with companies. As such, having a cost-effective package combined with a reliable supplier is key to an organisation’s success.

Whether you need a new installation or just want to change supplier, MF Telecom Services can help. We will provide you with the right solution, at the right price and with superior on-going service and support. Additionally, we will continue to monitor your telephone usage to make sure you have the cheapest tariff available to you.


Typically a third cheaper than BT

Business Lines and Call packages

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    Benefits of choosing us for your business lines & calls

    save money on Business Lines

    Save time and money

    MFTS will analyse your current bill. In addition, we will continue to monitor it once you have switch to us. This is to ensure you remain on the best tariff for your business’ usage

    easy to manage Business Phone Lines

    Easy to manage

    Have one consolidated bill and access to our bill management portal

    Business Lines Support

    Additional Support

    Find out how to make your customer service and business processes better with additional services such as Call Recording and Inbound Telephone Numbers

    Business Lines Service

    Customer service

    Support line answered by a person, and not a call centre

    Peace of mind

    Take advantage of the relationships we have built up with partners and suppliers to offer our customers a reliable service at the best price we can

    To discuss business lines & call packages for your company or to request a quote, please