Telephone System Support

Get Telephone System Support and Maintenance for your business.

Telephone System Support

Your telephone system is vital to your business success. For instance, if your business telephone system fails and you don’t have a maintenance contract or a professional company to support you, what would happen?

MF Telecom Services can help. We offer a reliable, friendly, expert service even if you do not have a maintenance contract directly with us.

Should it be required, we will send one of our qualified engineers to check your telephone system and identify and resolve the fault. This will include checking power supplies, programming issues, circuit boards and line faults.

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    View our Portfolio of Phone System Support below:

    Some of the makes of systems we support (please call 01892 577577 or contact us if your system is not listed below):

    NEC Phone System Support

    NEC Phone systems currently supported include:

    NEC SV8100
    NEC SV9100
    NEC SL1100
    NEC XN120
    NEC SL2100
    NEC Univerge Blue

    Siemens Unify Telephone System Support

    Siemens/Unify telephone systems we currently maintain include:

    Hicom 150e Office, Com and Point
    HiCom 300 & Hicom 300e
    Hipath 3350 & Hipath 3550
    Hipath 3300 & Hipath 3500
    Hipath 3700 & 3750
    Hipath 3800
    Hipath 4000
    Unify Openscape Business X1, X3, X5 & X8
    Openscape Office MX, HX & LX
    Siemens Open Office
    iSDX – Realitis

    Meridian Norstar System Support

    Meridian Norstar & BT telephone systems we currently maintain include:

    BT Norstar Compact
    BT Norstar Compact Plus
    BT Norstar 616
    BT Norstar Modular 8×24
    BT Norstar Modular 0x32
    Various other BT Phone systems

    Nortel Phone System Maintenance

    Nortel telephone systems we currently maintain include:

    Nortel Norstar Compact
    Nortel Meridian Modular
    Nortel Meridian Option
    Nortel CS1000
    Nortel BCM

    LG Ericsson Phone System Maintenance

    LG Ericsson telephone systems we currently maintain include:

    Aria Soho

    Telephone System Support

    Various other telephone systems we cover include:

    Alcatel Lucent

    To discuss telephone system support and maintenance for your company or to request a quote, please