Why your business is better off with a smaller telecoms company

by | Apr 10, 2017 | Business Telecom Services, Telecoms News

BT have recently been criticised for profiting over investing, and subsequently forced to separate Openreach from its main business, Vodafone were fined £4.6 million for failing its customers and EE fined £2.7 million for overcharging. Amidst all this, U.S giants, Microsoft announced they will raise prices to compensate for the post-Brexit slump in the value of the pound.

These are some of the big-name corporations dominating the telecoms and IT industries. With the communications industry suffering from so much dishonesty and mistrust, it is no surprise many businesses look to distance themselves from the bigger household names.

Small telecoms providers can respond more quickly to customers

With efficiency being one of the top concerns amongst customers, particularly businesses relying on communications’ services, small telecoms providers have the advantage of being able to respond more quickly to customers. Larger companies receive vast numbers of calls. Response times are slower and if a customer finds they have a technical problem, they may have to wait to get it fixed.

Errors in business communications can mean loss of custom, and business owners need to know they can rely on their communications provider to deal with a problem as soon as it arises. With a smaller company, they are more likely to find caring, attentive and punctual technical support staff, who will take the time to understand the setup of the company. This means that, should there be a problem, there is a much greater chance of getting a fast diagnosis on faults, as well as being able to get an answer to a query at the first time of calling.

Smaller telecoms companies build relationships with real people

Being an integral part of the community helps smaller telecoms providers build quality, long-term relationships with other businesses around them. They are generally more welcoming and personable than corporations, making customers feel valuable. Fostering business partnerships also leads to a positive reputation in the regions in which the companies operate.

Smaller telecoms companies support their local community

A small business is likely to look for other small businesses with which to foster relationships. This goes for customers, too, who appreciate the need to support these businesses within their community. This has the effect of stimulating the local economy, creating jobs, minimising carbon footprints and often supporting local causes.

Small telecoms companies can tailor solutions for specific business needs

Owners of small businesses want to find the right communications solutions for their organisations. They need a company that understands this solution cannot necessarily be off-the-shelf. A smaller telecoms provider is more likely to offer tailored services to suit the customers’ needs and requirements. They understand the need for services that suit the company rather than pre-packaged products that may be costly and ‘overkill’ for what is actually required. In addition, they will be able to offer the support to go with it, most likely in the form of a dedicated project manager.

Smaller telecoms companies see customer services as one of the most important aspects of their business

One of the biggest complaints of telecoms customers is the poor customer service and lack of care provided by the big corporations. Often outsourcing their customer service professionals, this tends to result in language barriers and communication difficulties. Reliable communications services are critical for the smooth operation of a business. They enable constant connection with customers and allow employees to keep in touch both internally and externally. A seamless telecoms service with dedicated support is of the upmost importance. Business owners often seek out smaller, local telecoms companies, as they want to feel confident the company will meet their needs quickly and efficiently when required.

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