Why it’s essential to plan for internet downtime

by | Aug 2, 2019 | Connectivity, Management & Support

It’s a fact that we rely heavily on the internet, not only as businesses but for personal use as well.

plan for internet downtime

Such is our reliance, that all hell can break loose if the internet goes down. But the reality is, it CAN go down and at some point, it WILL. That’s why it’s absolutely paramount that you plan for internet downtime as a business.

As the internet is used, in many cases, to power all manner of business communications, you cannot afford to NOT have a backup plan when downtime occurs.

Broadband can be affected by a number of factors, from bad weather to faulty routers.

The risks are often out of your supplier’s hands and they can happen regardless of who your supplier is.

How well and for how long would your business perform if your internet connection went down?

During downtime, without some method of continuing to communicate with your customers, you’ll quickly be under pressure.

How do you protect your business from the risks?

– Imagine the worst-case scenarios
– Make sure your organisation is ready to cope with them
– Protect your data and network
– Protect your employees and assets
– Keep the business open to customers
– Have more than one source of connectivity

If you are operating from an ADSL or FTTC broadband connection, you may want to look at one or both of these 4G Mobile broadband backup options:
– A 4G dongle that plugs into any PC will get you back online instantly.
– A router with a 4G fallback feature requires no set up in the event of downtime – the equipment would simply switch to 4G mode as required.

Direct Internet Access via a leased line means you have a dedicated connection with bandwidth that is uncontended. Not sharing with other people means the risks of connectivity issues are lower.

MF Telecom Services can help you put systems into place in order to protect your business from unavoidable disasters, helping you stay in contact with customers and keeping your business up and running.

Planning to avoid infrastructure failure means identifying the weak spots and regularly testing the plans you put in place. Should disaster strike, employees need to know who is responsible for what and this should all be documented in advance, so everyone is clear.

For more information about how to plan for internet downtime, please email MF Telecom Services or call 01892 577577 and ask to speak to one of our business consultants.