How can Inbound Telephone Numbers benefit my business?

by | Jul 24, 2019 | Business Telecom Services, Inbound Business Telephone Numbers

Inbound numbers, also known as Non-Geographic Numbers (NGNs), are prefixes such as 0800 and 0845.  They are used by businesses to provide flexibility when handling inbound calls.

Inbound Telephone Numbers

Companies purchase the right to use NGN’s, rather than leasing the lines themselves.  This means they can re-direct these Inbound telephone numbers to any phone.

We have a free video guide here to explain how business inbound numbers can improve your efficiency and customer service.

Inbound Telephone Numbers allow you to manage your incoming business calls more effectively by routing calls directly to the right person. Customer care and talking to the correct person are two factors known to help improve customer service and increase sales.

Unlike standard business phone numbers, NGNs are not assigned to a particular geographic location.  They are free of charge from all operators in the UK, including mobiles, and can be routed to any landline or mobile.

Full control and flexibility of incoming call management.

Inbound numbers allow organisations to create a flexible working environment.  They can have staff able to work in different locations, or from home, but always with the same number.

Organisations can also use features such as Auto Attendant and Whisper Announcement to aid customer service and call routing for business continuity. Whisper Announcement gives details of the caller before they are put through to you. This allows you to provide a personalised experience, improving your customer service.

Combine Inbound Telephone Numbers with a Calls and Lines package to create a customer-focused business, with the ease of one consolidated bill.

How do businesses use inbound numbers?

Business continuity – Whether it is part of your Disaster Recovery Plan, you have multiple locations or you are not in the office, calls can easily and quickly be diverted to another number without disruption to the business or customer experience. Creating a disaster recovery plan ensures you have a back-up in place should the worst happen. With Inbound numbers, it’s possible to re-route calls to mobiles or other offices without customers knowing.

Be a local or national business – With multiple or non-geographic numbers, businesses can allow their organisation to appeal on a national scale. Alternatively, using a local number in advertising, routed to any office in the country, can give an organisation a local presence.

Customer service – There’s no need to change your number if you move office and risk missing customer calls. Inbound numbers ensure customers always connect to the right person. A high level of customer care is important for the efficiency and profitability of your business.

Be memorable – Choose easy to remember numbers for advertising campaigns.

Call announcements – Set up welcome messages to inform callers of important information. Businesses can use Inbound numbers to track responses to marketing campaigns.  Including adding interactive voice response, call forwarding and call statistics.

Scalability – VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and Inbound numbers can support businesses with their scalability needs.  Whether this is for growing the business quickly, or when using contractors.

Is an Inbound telephone number solution right for my business?

We recommend you speak to us so we can advise how best to use NGN’s to benefit your business.

A member of our experienced team will be able to help you make the right decision.  Whether that’s to help your business compete in the market place, to put growth plans into place, to accommodate flexible working, or to formulate an emergency back-up plan.

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