What to do about IT and telecoms services when relocating

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Moving offices takes a lot of organisation and when you’re relocating, you want to be up and running as soon as possible, with minimum disruption to your business.  So you need to find a supplier you can trust with your IT and telecoms services when relocating.

What to do about IT and telecoms services when relocating

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One of the most important things you’ll want to ensure when you’re relocating is that you have your IT and telecoms services in place and ready to go. Without them, your employees won’t be able to communicate with your customers and vice versa. Without effective communications, you risk losing out to your competitors and it can ruin the trust you have worked hard to build up with existing clients.

Leave the migration of your communications’ services to the experts

MF Telecoms Services has the telecoms expertise and the specialist knowledge you need in order to support your move and ensure it runs smoothly. We can help you with the set-up of new communications or the re-location of existing ones and provide help, support and advice along the way, continuing long after you have moved.

In order for us to support your relocation, there are a few things we will need to know in advance of your move. Firstly, let us know the date you will be moving as soon as you can, so we can put plans in to operation.

Do you want to maintain your existing numbers?

  • We can do a like-for-like install of your telephone numbers at your new address if you’re staying in the same area.
  • If moving further afield, we can port your numbers into the cloud and onto our inbound or SIP platforms, without you having to pay any call divert charges for your old number.

We can organise this for you but will need to know where you are moving to and if your new office will be served by the same telephone exchange as the old one, or if you’re moving out of the exchange or to a new area code altogether.

Does your office move mean you are expanding your organisation and need new lines, or are you downsizing and requiring fewer lines?

  • We can install your new lines and have them working in time for your moving day, making for a seamless and pain free transition.
  • If you consolidate lines, what would you like your callers to hear when they call the old numbers? We can arrange diverts using a bespoke recorded message, so your customers have the best experience possible.

Why are you moving?

It helps us to know what changes your business is going through as you change locations. That’s because it may mean your connectivity requirements will have changed too. As telecoms experts, we can advise the best solutions for your needs.

Will your existing phone system meet your requirements?

In order to find out if your current phone system will be suitable for your new environment, one of our engineers can visit your new office to carry out a site survey.

  • The engineer can advise what your business broadband requirements will be and what the impact of your new location will have on your connectivity.
  • We will advise you of the best IT solution for your new office and advise you about business cyber security.
  • New options may be available because you have moved, or in some cases the technologies you were using may no longer be accessible. We will check and recommend what is best for your new office.

MF Telecoms Services provides a full suite of business communications solutions.

Relocating offices is the perfect time to assess your telecoms needs and find out if you could be improving your services and making the most out of what is available to you.

We will listen to your concerns and requirements, offer guidance and support and recommend a solution that is the perfect fit for your business and your new office. Then once you are moved in and up and running, we will continue to support you, as you grow and develop your business.

Call us on 01892 577577 or send an email. For more information, see our relocation factsheet.

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