Bespoke business mobile phone solutions to suit your business needs

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Business Mobile

We are no longer confined to desk-only working. Travelling and working on the go is an accepted part of working life now.  As such, business mobiles are crucial for keeping you connected with colleagues and clients.

MF Telecom Services works with leading mobile networks to ensure we have access to the best deals available with coverage in the right areas for you. We also analyse your mobile usage to ensure you’re on the tariff that is right for your business requirements.  That means we can offer business mobile phone solutions that are right for you.

With a good business mobile solution, you can divert calls to a mobile phone when you are out of the office or as part of your disaster recovery plan. Employees can work wherever they are, allowing you to provide much-needed flexible working conditions.

What are the options available for your business mobile solutions?

SIM Only
If you choose a SIM Only deal, you’ll get cheaper monthly contracts with shorter contract lengths and more flexibility when to upgrade or change your mobile device.

Opting for data, included, gives you a Business Mobile Broadband Plan for mobile phones, tablets and laptops, to ensure you stay connected when on the move.

Mobile Phones
Business mobile phone handset leasing options are available which give you access to a range of manufacturers and business mobile phone models.

How can MF Telecom Services help your business?

MF Telecom Services has been providing telecoms hardware, accessories and services to companies since 2000. Our knowledgeable and experienced account managers will take the time to find the best options for your business. In addition, we have a team of experienced telecom engineers who can deal with network issues on your behalf.

With 99% client retention, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We can take the stress away of transferring your business mobile contract to us.  There is no need to change your number when switching.

Choose from a wide variety of options to suit individual businesses.  From SIM only deals and leasing of the latest mobile phones and tablets, 12 or 24-month contracts, and cheaper tariffs. Integrated billing options mean you’ll have one consolidated bill when you have your Lines and Calls package with us.

MF Telecom Services is a Member of Federation of Communications Services (FCS). We are accredited to ISO 14001 for commitment to environmental practices.

To discuss business mobile phone solutions or request a quote, please send an email or call 01892 577 577.