Integrating successful remote working as part of your business.

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Business Telecom Services, Hosting

To facilitate remote working, it is vital to have the right communications system. It should be easily accessible no matter where your employees are, up-to-date and secure, reliable and offer integrated collaboration.

Companies with a collaborative and communicative workforce improve productivity and efficiency.  Integrating successful remote working is the future.

Remote workers must feel they can connect with the rest of their team, other departments, branches, offices, as they see fit. This not only ensures continued productivity but also negates feelings of loneliness and isolation, often experienced by those who spend a large amount of time away from the office.  We have made a short video guide for you titled a Mobile Workforce.

MFTS has years’ worth of experience supporting businesses with remote working.

Consequently, we understand the need for businesses to offer flexibility within the workplace, now more so than ever. For instance, our Unified Communications’ options, from an extensive list of manufacturers, allow increased collaboration opportunities and improved productivity. Additionally, with the integration of all communication tools, you can streamline practices for improved time management. In doing so, employees can share and access documents across devices and locations, wioth increased possibilities for teamwork.

Ultimately, you don’t need to worry about remote working security if you educate employees in the necessary security practices when accessing company data from a remote location.

Remote working security includes:
• Password protecting all devices, preferably with a two-step authentication process. Ensure you never leave devices unattended.
• Storing files in a trusted secure cloud-based file.
• Being aware of the security risks posed by using free public WIFI.

Many businesses are changing work practices for good by leaving offices and operating on a fully remote basis. With this, there are cost savings, as well as flexibility. It also comes with the security of knowing you can keep your business running no matter the circumstances.

Choose MFTS for your remote working set-up. In doing so, you can guarantee full support from our qualified and experienced engineers. We will also ensure the future-proofing of your system so that it can grow with you.

If you would like to know more about how you can implement more flexibility and remote-working options into your business culture, please contact us. You can email, or call 01892 577 577 to speak to an advisor about integrating successful remote working.