How can toll fraud happen?

Unfortunately, this type of fraud happens too often. Because it is not widely reported in the media, many businesses are unaware of it. Sadly, there are potentially devastating financial consequences as a result of Toll Fraud or Phone Hacking.

Initially, criminals can hack into business phone systems or lines at an exchange level. They use the lines to ring premium phone numbers, or high costs international phone numbers. This leaves the business liable for the call charges. These breaches may not have a human on the other end, but pre-programmed servers instead. Consequently, the hackers set these up to try and penetrate vulnerable phone systems.

Attacks on unmonitored lines can cost thousands. Unless there’s a prosecution and a conviction, this can leave businesses unprotected and potentially exposed to large costs. The hack usually happens over a weekend so you won’t know there is an issue until Monday morning. Unfortunately, by this time the Toll Fraud could have run up a bill in the thousands. Ultimately, the bill goes to the customer and there is no ‘get out’ clause.

However, there are simple steps you can take to mitigate the risk.

Exceptional Call Reporting will report on calls on your lines, looking out for any strange calling patterns to premium rate numbers (particularly out of hours), or high levels of spend to known fraudulent destinations, for example Cuba, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, or Latvia.

What you can do to avoid Fraud?

Talk to us to discuss your options for minimising the risks of toll fraud using Exceptional Call Reporting – This product is available for fixed analogue and analogue lines.

How can I protect my business from Toll Fraud?

    MF Telecom Services can reduce the risk of Toll Fraud on Hosted and SIP Phone systems.

    With SIP on-premise phone systems, we can set parameters to auto block the phone system if you reach a certain call duration or call destinations that are loaded as high risk.

    On Hosted Cloud based phone systems we can set a spend cap per day which will lock the phone system down if hit and alert us of the spend cap being reached.

    Download our free guide here or speak to MFTS for advice about protecting your phone system from fraud.

    For peace of mind, and to find out more about how MF Telecoms Services can help you put security measures in place to guard against future toll fraud attacks, please contact us for more information or call 01892 577 577 and ask to speak to one of our UK business consultants.

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