Support for end-of-life systems

by | Apr 14, 2022 | Blog

Best Endeavour Support for end-of-life systems.


A customer approached us about their current old phone system. Their existing supplier had said that it was unsupportable due to it being end-of-life (EOL).

When manufacturers declare systems end-of-life, this means they no longer support users with the parts needed to keep the systems running. It forces businesses into upgrading to a newer model.  We said, no problem. That’s because it’s been our business for many years helping companies to continue running old business phone systems until they’re ready to move on.

Our client wants to eventually move to a business VoIP solution.

In the meantime, we’re able to provide a Best Endeavours service. This means that for discontinued phone systems, where the manufacturer no longer makes the parts, the customer can expect the same call out and support as standard. By providing this service, we will try to fix any problems as best we can. In addition, we will source parts where we can. However, in a worst-case scenario, if we cannot help, we will lend the customer a basic temporary system. This means they will be able to function with the minimal requirements of incoming and outgoing calls. Furthermore, it will enable them to limit disruption should the worst happen, and until they decide on a new solution/system.

If the customer hadn’t opted for this Best Endeavours approach, they would have risked being without communications, unable to keep in touch with their clients. This could have been for days, or worse, whilst they tried to find someone to help them. What often happens in this situation, is that the company then rushes into deciding on a new phone system. One that might not be right for them.

If you know you’re running a legacy system, take the time to decide on a new phone system way before it is too late.

You can talk to us about keeping your existing telephone system going. Find out about the support we provide.  Also view our free video guide: What is VoIP for business.

In addition, we can help you make the all-important decision about what communications system you need to take your business forwards.
Email us, or call 01892 577577 to discuss this further.

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