Managed Cyber Security

by | Dec 8, 2022 | Blog, Security

The 2022 World Economic Forum Global Cybersecurity Outlook1 demonstrates that the top three cybersecurity risks for businesses are ransomware, social engineering, and malicious insider activity.  That is why you should review your managed cyber security provider on a regular basis.

The same report states that global attack volume increased by 151% in 2021.1

Cyber resilience must now be integrated into enterprise risk management if organisations like yours are going to successfully battle cybercriminal efforts to breach your defences.

In the Small Business Guide: Cyber Security by the Home Office,2 five steps are outlined.

  1. Backing up your data
  2. Protecting your organisation from malware
  3. Keeping your smartphones (or tablets) safe
  4. Using passwords to protect your data, including MFA.
  5. Avoiding phishing attacks

Our IT specialists have both the experience and the expertise to aid you in your efforts to follow the guidelines set by the Home Office and defend your business.

Some cybersecurity protocols and tools are no longer effective against today’s threats. Our team specialises in helping companies like yours achieve and maintain a managed cyber security strategy that’s best positioned to defend these new attack vectors.

As part of this effort, we leverage enterprise-class cybersecurity tools and protocols while monitoring your IT environment continuously for any anomalies that may indicate a potential threat to your operations. Once a threat is identified, we respond to that threat in a timely and appropriate manner, assisting you in staying secure and productive.  For more information, please contact us anytime, or visit our free help guide below.

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