Collaboration to expand dark fibre network in Suffolk

by | Feb 8, 2019 | Connectivity, Telecoms News

Gigabit broadband specialists CityFibre and MLL Telecom have joined forces to launch a dark fibre network in Suffolk.

Collaboration to expand dark fibre network

The plan is to build and operate a 114km dark fibre spine network to cover 10 towns and cities in the county. This network would also connect over 300 key public sector sites, providing next generation ultrafast and hyperfast services.

Both companies will work closely with Suffolk County Council and local Universities to boost digital skills and provide training programmes and apprenticeships across the region.

The project will allow the Council to boost service levels in a wide range of online and automated services.

MLL Telecom also plans to extend its Wide Area Network (WAN), a project made possible through a £5.9 million award from the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

“Our focus is on enabling the public sector in Suffolk to work anywhere, anytime, with connectivity that is up to ten times faster than any other region in the UK as standard. We are absolutely thrilled to support Suffolk County Council – which has been an MLL Telecom customer since 2012 – to fulfil its digital ambition,” said Neil Woolerton, director of client management at MLL Telecom.

“The future will be made possible by connectivity, and we are proud to provide the infrastructure and network to allow the public sector in Suffolk and surrounding areas to take full advantage.”

“Through this new 114km fibre network, our councils, NHS clinics, fire stations and more will be able to access leading edge connectivity, which will have a real economic and social impact in the region,” said Chris Bally, Deputy Chief Executive at Suffolk County Council. “Better, more reliable internet access for our public services will bring untold benefits – like more investment, more jobs, and more businesses. We couldn’t be happier to get this work underway, and to welcome the next generation of public service delivery.”

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