Business email security

by | Dec 2, 2022 | Blog, Business Email, Security

From time to time, we reach out to current clients to let them know about emerging cybersecurity dangers and to inform them of the solutions available to combat those threats.  Here we look at business email security.

According to a survey commissioned by Egress, 83% of security professionals assert that employees have accidentally exposed customer or business sensitive data at their organization via email.1

Email security has become an issue of growing concern, especially with the dramatic rise of the ransomware threat.  However, many business do not have a cyber security plan in place and only use the cyber protection that comes free with devices.  Business owners have a responsibility to mitigate cyber security risks as best they can.  Regular IT security reviews are needed within all businesses.

Our team partners with N-able, a global leader in IT security solutions, to provide our clients with their advanced Mail Assure email security solution. Mail Assure uses cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning technologies to provide a 99.99% malware catch accuracy.2

If you’re currently relying on a lower grade of email protection, let us help you explore the potential of upgrading to Mail Assure, helping you guard your business productivity and reputation against emerging email-based threats.  We have a free video guide on how to avoid phishing here.

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