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Inbound Telephone Numbers

Manage incoming business more effectively with Inbound Telephone Numbers

Inbound Telephone Numbers allow you to manage your incoming business calls more effectively by routing calls directly to the right person. Customer care and talking to the correct person are two factors given to improved good customer service and increased closing of sales.

Unlike standard business phone numbers, non-geographic numbers (NGNs), such as those beginning with 0800 or 0808, are not assigned to a particular geographic location, are free of charge from all operators in the UK including mobiles, and can be routed to any landline or mobile, which we can easily and quickly update for you, giving your business full control and flexibility of incoming call management.

Organisations can also use features such as Auto Attendant and Whisper Announcement to aid customer service, and call routing for business continuity.

To find out more, read our article on inbound telephone numbers.

Combine Inbound Telephone Numbers with a Calls and Lines package to create a customer focused business, with the ease of one consolidated bill.

Benefits of Inbound Telephone Numbers

  • Business continuity – whether it is part of your Disaster Recovery Plan, you have multiple locations or you are not in the office, calls can easily and quickly be diverted to another number without disruption to the business or customer experience
  • Be a local or national business – choose a regional code to reach local markets or non-geographic numbers for one national contact option
  • Customer service – no need to change your number if you move office and miss customer calls
  • Be memorable – choose easy to remember numbers for advertising campaigns
  • Call announcements – have welcome messages to inform callers of important information

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Record all calls or only the calls you want

Whilst automatic recording captures all calls, on-demand recording allows you to choose which calls you record, including individual calls, or those made from specified user’s desk phones, softphones or smartphones.

Other options include automatic recording of all inbound calls, or just those made to specific departments or users.

With all of the call recording data stored on a PC, simple search tools allow you to have access to any recording at any time.

Bespoke business mobile phone solutions to suit your business needs

Travelling and working on the go is an accepted part of working life. Business mobiles are crucial to keep you connected with colleagues and clients.

The right business mobile solution can also divert calls to a mobile phone when you are out of the office or as part of your disaster recovery plan.

MF Telecom Services works with leading mobile networks to ensure we have access to the best deals available with coverage in the right areas for you. We also analyse your mobile usage to ensure you have the best tariff for your business requirements.

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