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Business Telecoms Connectivity

Sell Your Business Telecoms Equipment

MF Telecom Services buys used, surplus or redundant business telecoms equipment. All models are considered.  So sell to us!

We also offer a Recycle and Upgrade scheme where you can receive up to £995* towards a new phone system.

We offer

  • De-installation and removal
  • Paid shipping from all over the world
  • Instant bids
  • Recycling and recovery services
  • Data destruction
  • Asset Management of Large Network Infrastructures
Recycling Telephone Equipment

Recycle and Upgrade scheme

With manufacturers discontinuing old models or pulling out of the UK market, now is the perfect time to look into upgrading your phone system. And with up to £995* towards a new phone or VoIP system, why wouldn’t you find out more?

Do you

  • have an out-of-date system no longer supported by the manufacturer?
  • want to upgrade to a more flexible technology, such as VoIP?
  •  need a new system with features and options that will keep up with your business needs?

If the answer is yes to any of these, call us on 01892 577 577 or email us to see how much we can give you for your old phone system.

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Asset Management Service

MF Telecom Services also offers an asset management service. Due to our global contacts, we can achieve the right price for your redundant equipment. This will give you a far greater financial return compared to scrapping costs. It will also provide you with the revenue to purchase new business phones or telephone system.

You can keep the equipment with you or we can store it at our warehouse facility free of charge.

Our team will inventory your business telecoms equipment, clean it and then box it into brand new safety packaging. We will then market and sell it on your behalf.

sell to us

*Recycle and Upgrade scheme terms and conditions

The Recycle and Upgrade scheme offer is to receive up to £995 for a current business phone system which will be put towards a brand new phone system or set up and installation of a VoIP system with a minimum of seven users.

The customer must take out a Business Phone Lines and Calls package with MF Telecom Services. Standard MF Telecom Services Terms and Conditions apply. Among other criteria, the credit received for the old phone system is based on the type of phone system, number of lines and phones and the condition of the phones.

MF Telecom Services will consider all makes and models but does not guarantee that all systems will be eligible under this scheme. There is no cash alternative under this scheme. The offer may be amended or withdrawn at any time. 

To find out more about selling your equipment to us

Find out more about options available for your business

Unified Communications

Integrate Unified Communications technology streamline processes and support a collaborative approach which can save employees time and your business money.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Suitable for business with a data connection of at least 100k upload, Voice over Internet Protocol, otherwise known as VoIP, is scalable, cost-effective and allows for flexible working environments.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

A halfway solution between ISDN and full VoIP, Session Initiation Protocol or SIP allows for video conferencing, instant messaging, media distribution and other applications, on top of voice calls.

Reliable business broadband connectivity is essential for your business

There are numerous ways to get the speed you need to keep your business connected.

If you are unsure which is the best business broadband for your business, MF Telecom Services will talk you through the options available and advise on the most cost-effective choice that will match your business needs and speed requirements.

To discuss your business broadband connectivity options or request a quote, please call us now on 01892 577 577