How can you make your business more resilient using Office 365 products?

by | Aug 2, 2021 | Microsoft Office 365

1.5 billion people use Office 365 or Microsoft products every day for admin tasks or communications. In fact, many businesses rely on Microsoft for daily tasks, such as emails or general admin work.

A complete outage, therefore, would be catastrophic to daily operations.

If you find yourself without email, even for just a day, how badly would this affect you or your business? With a large portion of business users still using on-premise products, if a line outage or an internet access issue were to occur, the results can be crippling.

That’s why Microsoft has recently redeveloped their entire product suite and rebranded it as Office 365.

Office 365

This product suite runs entirely from the cloud.  This means that if any sort of outage were to occur, you would still be able to keep operating using a different connection. You could also work from home.

Another benefit of using Office 365 Products is the flexibility with licensing alongside an on-premise setup

With an on-premise system, you have overheads such as the cost of the server, the setup and adding users. You’re then stuck with these for the entire term of your contract.

With the 365 Product Suite, however, you can easily add and remove users as you need to, as well as configuring these on the go. This allows you to have temporary email addresses or even if you have temporary staff, you can quickly move them around to different departments. You can also add and remove users as and when required.

At MF Telecom Services, we conduct a lot of our business remotely

Having an Office 365 product means that we don’t need to be locked down to a particular server.  Or have to rely on slow internet speeds that connect all the way back to our office.

We can access anything, anywhere using cloud services, and all of our files are stored remotely.

This remote access means that in the event of a catastrophic failure on the networking side, we can easily work from home or anywhere else.

It’s really important that you don’t let your business fall vulnerable to on-site issues like servers going down, or your internet completely cutting off.

By going to a cloud product, you can make sure you are resilient to any of these issues.

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