Ensuring a well-maintained phone system by keeping up-to-date with software

by | Aug 30, 2019 | Security, Telephone System Maintenance

Software upgrades help increase security, as well as improving performance and functionality.


MF Telecom Services provide fully bespoke and independent UK business telephone system maintenance & telephone system support.  With an in-house team of fully qualified phone engineers & experienced telecoms experts, we can keep your phone system maintained.

New Features & Functionality.
With a maintenance agreement, you can keep your PBX or VoIP system in an optimal condition for as long as you need it. Regular maintenance and attention can help to extend the life of your business telephone system, which in turn can save you money and keep your business working for you.

When you update to the latest software version, you often get the benefit of new features and functionalities. Users can benefit from these for improved performance and ease of use.
Improved Performance.

Software updates can do more than just protect your system from a security threat, they can improve performance too. Software-level fixes often resolve smaller, less pervasive issues that may not affect security, but can be aggravating all the same.

Increased System Security with a maintained phone system.
Software manufacturers are working hard to make sure their products have been patched and that they keep abreast of any potential security threats. It’s in your company’s interest to make sure you apply the updates as soon as they are issued.

By continuing to run older software versions, you will be missing out on security updates issued by the manufacturer, as well as critical service patches. Closing off as many known security threats as possible is paramount to any business, particularly as we try to keep up with the ever-increasing threats.  In terms of IT Security, we have a range of free video guides to help you, such as: How to spot email scams

Suffering a data breach, due to a security flaw that already has a known fix, should not be an option.

Being on the latest software release improves your system’s security, performance, and functionality. This can have a direct impact on both customer and employee satisfaction.

If you would like to find out more about how MF Telecom Services can provide telephone system maintenance for your company, please send an email or call 01892 577 577. Our telecoms advisers are available to help you find the right solutions for your business. Our aim is to support you and your business.  If you need a maintained phone system, call us today.