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Affordable high speed FTTC business broadband offers a faster service

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) is ideal for a business that need faster broadband than standard ADSL but without the costs of a dedicated solution.

What is FTTC Broadband?

FTTC uses fibre optic cables to connect from the telephone exchange to green street boxes (the cabinets) which then carries the broadband connection to your office.

This is a scalable solution, allowing your communications technology to grow with your business. It provides faster and higher bandwidth connectivity for better internet browsing and opens up options for using VoIP and hosted services.

MF Telecom Services can discuss whether FTTC is the right broadband option for your business and explain the different speed and bandwidth packages available.

The benefits of FTTC Broadband Connectivity

  • 10 times faster than standard broadband with less interference
  • Up to 80Mb/s downstream
  • Up to 20Mb/s upstream
  • FTTC supports the use of VoIP, remote working and hosted or cloud services
  • Business grade quality broadband connectivity
  • Higher speeds offer advantage of increased employee productivity and better customer service
  • Increased realibility while on the move or working from home, make sure employees have the capability to connect to the office, have access to documents and communicate with the team

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Bespoke business mobile phone solutions to suit your business needs

Travelling and working on the go is an accepted part of working life. Business mobiles are crucial to keep you connected with colleagues and clients.

The right business mobile solution can also divert calls to a mobile phone when you are out of the office or as part of your disaster recovery plan.

MF Telecom Services works with leading mobile networks to ensure we have access to the best deals available with coverage in the right areas for you. We also analyse your mobile usage to ensure you have the best tariff for your business requirements.

Do you have a fault on your business telephone system and need help?

Do you have a business telephone system maintenance agreement, back-up plan or business continuity solution?

Whether an emergency, one-off call-out or on-going support contract, MF Telecom Services help business with telephone system support through an in-house team of fully qualified telephone engineers and an experienced, dedicated team of telecoms experts.

Call us now on 01892 577 577 – we offer technical support and emergency fault fixing and diagnosis.

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Our Services

  • Telephone Systems

    MF Telecom Services has a fantastic position in the marketplace. We do not sell on brand or best price. We work with you to get the best bespoke telecoms solution that is right for you and your business.

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  • Maintenance

    MF Telecom Services can offer UK businesses a cost-effective maintenance package that will enable you to get your critical telecommunications system up and running if something goes wrong.

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  • VoIP/SIP

    Every business needs a communcations solution to be scalable, cost-effective, reliable, disaster proof and future proof. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) will provide your business with all of this.

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  • Connectivity

    Superfast, reliable broadband is essential for business. MF Telecom Services will talk you through the options available and advise on the most cost-effective choice that will match your speed requirements.

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  • Business Mobile

    MF Telecom Services works with leading mobile network providers to ensure you have access to the right coverage and the very best deals available for your business needs.

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  • Line & Calls

    MF Telecom Services are typically a third cheaper than BT. We will tailor a package for you based on what you use most - be that international calls, calls to mobiles or something else.

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  • Call Recording

    MF Telecom Services works with leading mobile network providers to ensure you have access to the right coverage and the very best deals available for you business needs.

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  • Contact Centre

    We are happy to offer free advice and help where we can. Listed here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about business telecom services and system maintenance.

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