Business Cyber Security Update for 2023

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Blog, Security

There are only two types of companies, those that have been hacked and those that will be.

This is what the FBI’s Director said 10 years ago! So which one are you?  Here is a short business cyber security update to help you.

One of the best ways to protect your business – and it costs nothing to implement – is to educate your staff. If your employees are aware of what to look out for, then they are less likely to click on something they shouldn’t or be tricked into giving away details by mistake.

The next step is to mitigate the risk. You can do this by using cyber security software on your devices and applications to identify, capture and prevent attacks. Whilst no software can protect you 100% (after all, if the CIA can be hacked anyone can) most decent providers will filter out a very high percentage. It is all about mitigating your risk to the highest level you can and making it difficult for criminals to succeed, plus having backups in place should the worst happen so you can get back up and running quickly.

Unfortunately, as time has passed it is not a case of those that have and those that have not, it is just a matter of time. Now, these two groups seemed to be merging into one: companies that have been hacked and companies that will be hacked again. In other words, no company is safe; it is not a case of ‘if,’ but ‘when’ and ‘how often’.

There has been a 48 per cent increase, year-on-year of phishing attacks targeting all brands and industries.

A recent survey by Vade found more than 274,600 unique phishing websites in 2022, compared to nearly 185,000 in 2021. According to this research, Facebook is the most impersonated brand for the second year running, closely followed by Microsoft.

Facebook accounted for nine per cent of the total phishing from the list Vade compiled detailing the top twenty most impersonated brands. Microsoft is the most impersonated brand in the corporate market.

In the number three spot is Google, which accounted for nearly 20,000 unique phishing pages (seven per cent of all phishing websites), with PayPal in fourth. The fifth place spot went to MTB, which had previously been at number eighteen.

Not surprisingly, the financial services industry is the most impersonated. Phishers are opting for more targeted attacks, leveraging headlines and abusing legitimate services.

To combat these attacks, we need more sophisticated defences.  Business Email Security is the starting point.  If you would like further business cyber security updates and free guides, please follow us on LinkedIn.

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    Cybercrime is nothing new.

    Way back in 2000, a 15-year-old teenager hacked into eBay, Yahoo, E*Trade, Global Crossing, and CNN, just because he could. Back then, it was that easy and since then, cybercrime has evolved alongside the technology revolution. Just as our technology has become more sophisticated, so has the cybercriminal.

    The internet is the focal point for most crimes that are committed. From fraudsters to organised criminal syndicates, no area of the world wide web is safe. But what are the most dangerous threats?

    To deter future attacks, it is not enough just to minimise the vulnerabilities and deal with the consequences. We need to improve cyber security systems, making them more able to catch threats rather than merely withstand them.

    Industry needs to be collectively capable of fighting and tackling cyber threat. This will only be made possible by sharing information, working together and collaborating to safeguard our property, privacy, ideas, and our innovation.

    We’re here if you need us. For any business IT support or question regarding cyber security for your organisation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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    Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how much cyber security software you deploy if you don’t educate and train your staff to recognise and avoid hackers.  People are the weak link and hackers know that all too well.  A good starting point would be to share this business cyber security update with your staff today.


    Here is a free video guide to also help you, called What is Phishing and what to look out for.

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