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SPF Private Clients

Case study

SPF Private Clients – funding, wealth management and insurance advice

The Requirements

SPF Private Clients are experts in helping people achieve their goals by providing the right funding, wealth management and insurance advice. Whether you are buying your first flat, getting married, having children, investing in a holiday home or planning your retirement, SPF can make it happen.

With telephony services already with MF, SPF decided to provide over a hundred members of staff business mobiles. Requiring day to day management and support for all users. The first time MF Telecom Services had taken on a mobile order that vast.

The Solution

Meticulous planning and thought went into the ordering process. For the request of over a hundred mobile phones and SIM cards, it needed to be. MF Telecom Services’ account managers spent time researching mobile management services, and found MobiControl – A large scale device tracking service that allows admin to locate, lock and send messages to handsets. These features along with many others deemed perfect for what SPF needed.

The other element of this project was SIM cards. Having dealt in ordering mobile contracts before, MF Telecom Services knew exactly what was necessary to get the SIMs up and running smoothly with SPF staff members.

Our service

The engineering team are managing mobiles each week with requests from the client that vary from adding data top-ups and using the features on the MobiControl platform to ensure that SPF have minimal issues with fast response times and friendly support.

Find out more

To find out more about MF Telecom Services, including our business mobile services, SIM contracts and mobile management support, email us today or call 01892 577 577 and speak with one of our business telecommunications experts.

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