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September 27 2019

London comes last in test of mobile network experience across 10 largest UK cities

A recent report on mobile network experience ranked London last among the ten largest cities in the UK for mobile network quality.

The research carried out by Tutela, used over 3 billion records, including 16 million speed tests and 258 million latency tests, collected in the UK between 1st March and 31st August 2019.

London’s mobile networks were found to meet the research’s thresholds for Excellent Consistent Quality 74.4% of the time. This compares with the highest-rated city, Glasgow, which was found to provide its mobile network users with an Excellent experience 78.4% of the time.

Criteria for the Excellent Consistent Quality standard are based on whether a network is suitable for a range of different key uses. This includes HD video streaming, group video calling and online multiplayer mobile gaming. It does not just depend on download speeds, as both London and Glasgow score similarly in this area - 13.0 Mbps in London and 12.9 Mbps in Glasgow.

The research also found that Leicester had the fastest download speeds, with a median of 14.5 Mbps (based on measurements across all networks, and all times of day).

In terms of mobile providers, EE was found to deliver the best mobile quality in 8 out of the ten cities tested, while Vodafone scored highest for Excellent Consistent Quality in both Glasgow and Liverpool. EE also proved to be the fastest network in all cities on average, with the highest median download throughput out of any of the “big four” operators.

“London is a major power centre of the UK - and consistent mobile network quality is vital for everyone from businesses to tourists to residents. It’s a surprise to see London at the bottom of the list when it comes to Excellent Consistent Quality in the UK’s 10 largest cities, but no doubt reflective of the challenges of ensuring mobile quality in such a densely populated, data-hungry city. It’s interesting that London’s Excellent Consistent Quality is actually comparable to Wales’s in Tutela’s recent State of Mobile Networks report on the UK – and the challenge for operators going forward will be finding the right balance between ensuring adequate capacity in busy urban areas, expanding rural coverage and making the most of the potential of 5G. This will be critical for success in enabling better mobile experiences and succeeding in an ever more competitive mobile marketplace going forward,” Tom Luke, VP at Tutela.


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